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Political and Social Activism

We believe in what you’re doing. Our solidarity with you inspires our work.

We’re Not Afraid of “Good Trouble”

When you consider the dozens of firms to partner with, wouldn’t it be good to know you chose one who shares your values? Aboundant isn’t afraid to claim our progressive roots, and we’ll never try to convince you to water down your message or match the status quo.

We do the work to recognize our own inherent biases and never stop learning. We’ll bring this knowledge to your project and hope to take some back with us. Here our three areas of focus when working with causes: 


Radical Solidarity with the Marginalized


Intersectional Justice


Movement Building Tools

We have increased the ability of our volunteer team to advocate effectively through social media with training Aboundant has helped us develop. Our candidates are comfortable working with Aboundant because they share fundamental core values.


Al Charlson
Chairperson, Bremer County Democrats

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United Methodists Moving Forward is a global movement working for the liberation of marginalized communities within the United Methodist Church, particularly LGBTQIA+ people, Trans People, and People of Color. 

Aboundant has been intimately involved in their campaign to bring about change through movement building, legislation, and witness actions. 


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Content Development

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Stromberg for Iowa

Eric was running in a tough race against a veteran incumbent and brought Aboundant in five months out from the election date to help improve their digital presence. We remade their website, created graphics, and ran their digital advertising.

Ultimately Eric lost, but he performed five points better than the previous two candidates and came within striking distance of winning the election. One of Eric’s regrets: he wished he would have reached out to us sooner.


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Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing

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